Flowpaint 0.1 Released!

We are proud to present Flowpaint version 0.1!

This first version introduces a fixed set of procedural brushes and a quicksave feature.

The brushes contain several that are useful for black and white sketching - a gentle pencil, a thin black line, a few dark inking pens, large shading brushes in grey, black, and white, as well as a white eraser type of brush - there is no undo functionality yet (coming in version 0.2).

There's also a set of translucent colored brushes, but color selection is not introduced until the next version, so for now the available colors and sizes are fixed.

Finally there is a set of more fancy procedural brushes, showing off some of the possibilities of the core rendering engine. In future versions, it will be possible for users to build their own procedural brushes from various noise components, mathematical functions, and pictures they have created. The rendering engine still has some rough edges, for example the endpoints and sharp corners of brush strokes are currently chopped - in future versions they will be rounded out smoothly.

The quicksave allows you to save the current picture as a png in your working directory or home directory with one button press. The picture gets a standard name plus an increasing number. No need to come up with a name for each sketch you want to save, or wade through a save dialog - instead you can quickly move on to the next sketch. There's even a button that lets you both save the current picture and clear the canvas with one click.

Some other planned features for future versions include layers with arbitrary data channels, infinite and wrapping canvas layouts, parametrized picture templates, and built-in support for downloading and sharing new brushes and templates. The Release Backlog contains a full list of planned and potential features.


Flowpaint can be downloaded in two ways - with Java Web Start, or as a conventional zip archive with the program.

First make sure you have a recent (1.5 or newer) version of the Java platform installed. You can download it for free from Java.com.

To launch Flowpaint with Java Web Start, just click on the Flowpaint Web Start download link here or in the sidebar. Provided you have Java properly installed, your browser will suggest opening the jnlp file with Java. Java will ask you to accept the certificate for Flowpaint (signed by zzorn), then start the application.

Note that pressure sensitivity doesn't work with the Webstart version at the moment - if you have a graphics tablet with a pen, and want pressure sensitivity and smoother lines, download the zipped pacakge instead.

Installation of the zipped package is straightforward - just download, unzip in a location of your choice, and run the flowpaint.bat (on Windows) or flowpaint.sh (on Linux and OSX) file inside.

If you have any trouble, you can ask for help on our irc channel, discussion group, or refer to the documentation.

You can also report bugs or request features - note that these require a Google account (for example Gmail) to use, as we are using the Google Code issue tracker to manage them.

Enjoy painting!


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